Did you forget something?

Repent, Sinners
Your ignorance and decadence shall be your downfall!

I can't believe people eat those.

The Mustache League

I think this is the only drawing of any of these characters on the whole of the internet, if not all unofficial existence, so in this context, at least, it really doesn't matter how well done they are.


Sometimes birds do good deeds. However, I caution you not to depend on it happening.

The World's Best Totally Original Characters

They have many skills and talents. From one side to another: Benji the Banjo, Tacto the Tic Tac, Karaboudjan Morrismorrow "Buckety" Gibdos III, and Bootni the Boot. DO NOT STEAL. AND WHILE YOU'RE AT IT DO NOT MURDER OR BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR OR SHOP AT BEST BUY. THX.
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This is unique, because usually these situations involve someone getting punched. Also, shading like this is really easy. I wonder why more people don't do it OH WAIT 1-2-07

Stupid ectotherms

Inspired by an argument I had with my shower curtain.
Did dinosaurs become extinct because they starved and froze or because they were too stupid to realize why they were freezing? Your metabolism has failed you! Uwa ha ho! 12-12-06

I don't know, and haven't thought really at all about what the plunger things are supposed to be. This was scanned for its intensity alone. Otherwise it has no relevance to anything. You know, unlike every other picture here. 12/10/06

Well, no wonder you've got a cold, you stupid shirtless mitten moron. 12/10/06

I wish I would stop trying to make big fancy shows of things that are only interesting for three seconds and whose perspectives don't work. 12/07/06

Some people are intellectual. 12-01-06, let's say

Disgusting. Nothing but filth, everyplace one chances to look. I'm never going to Florida again. 11/29/06

This makes no sense out of context. However, that context itself is nonsensical. 11-20-06
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I'm certain that smile is insincere. Yes, I'm aware that there are two "smiling moron with gun to head" pictures on this page. Imagine how many I'm not showing you. 10-??-06

Market Research:

The subject here suffers from several fundamental structural deformities. Oh how it suffers. Yet do you hear it whining about its problems? No, because pictures don't make noise. For all I know you're deaf anyway. Stop being an idiot. 9/22/06
"This would be awesome if it wasn't so sketchy so I could completely see what is going on." -someone I never saw again
No. It wouldn't.

It sure is. 3/26/06, I think, I'll have to check

Unlawful restraint

I can't draw butterflies under pressure. Because this picture filled an actual full slice of paper, clicking your primary mouse button in the vicinity will, ideally, make a bigger version appear. Unless you have that awful "automatically fit large images to screen" option set, in which case don't bother. There may also be other cases in which you should not bother. 12-2?-04