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2008 pictures
Oh, and this, too.
And this?

Oh, such silly pictures. From 2009 or thereabouts.

Moron mountain

Meanery Among the Greenery
A gift for my mother. It can be explained. It merely should not be.

Lunches with wolves
Regarding Werewolf Blutfuss. In 2009 I made "gift" pictures with variable justification for doing so for a number of people I knew varying degrees of "well." Not all of them are here. This one is. So.

It can be difficult for werewolves to adjust to some of the more mundane aspects of society, particularly those which remind them of their old ways.

Although I suppose normal werewolves were people at some point, and often revert back to that. I'm not really "up" on my lycanthropy. I actually had to look up the word "lycanthropy" to make sure I was using it properly. I'm also not sure if those things in the front are supposed to be bits of [big] grass or stalagmites or the spikes on foam mattress covers or whuh.


Inappropriate Touch of Class
This nemitz is available for parties, boat shows and dumpster dedications.

Shock and aw naw
People seemed to like this one a lot. I am no longer much fond of it.

dope floats
A thing I made for my good friend Clementine, akabaka "Michele," who, to her credit, has no page on the internet for me to link to. She is sympathetic toward dopes, however. We are working on that.

The lower right structure's objection is something of an inside joke I have with that person. Because inside jokes always work just as well when they go outside. I could also have this joke with you, but you probably wouldn't like it. It seems like I can easily remove the hey-sayer and not need to explain it, but those things are surprisingly difficult to get quiet, much less keep that way. Please trust me, you do not know them like I do. You are free to imagine it is having a problem with anything you wish.

The most ignorant meal of the day
It is good to have principles.

Rose of the finest virtuosos
Pertinent to this person.

Allergic relaxion
Pertinent to this person. He seems to lack the strength to stand.

Pertinent to these people even if there's no longer any place on their website that this is at all evident.

A Streetcar Made Undesirable
A thing I made for some reason or another in September 2009. A "Fall Festival," I am told. The creature at the right is the mascot for the local high school which I never attended. According to a sign visible from the highway road, the bee is associated with a marching band and nothing else. They're a bunch of surly kids, I guess.

The trolley is also a recognizable symbol, which can currently also be seen from the highway right outside the Holiday Inn Express. East Haven is a real classy joint on a municipal level. They have to advertise at the highway because under reasonable circumstances that is as much of the town as anybody would ever see. Eh, that and the shopping plaza whose career highlight was having a K-Mart in it at one point.

The canon is usually located near the gazebo in the distance, but in this picture it isn't. To simulate that effect, stand a few feet away from your computer screen.

I don't think the trolley actually has a bell thing to pull at the front (I can't find anything that looks like a BELL), but I can imagine a dork like nemitz (the dork that is pulling something) having one installed just for the purpose of looking stupid while using it. Nemitz nemitz nemitz.

(but you have to click on it first)
Robocoon reminds me of ice cream.

Some guy of almost-as-many-aliases-as-I, rather some time ago, produced pictures of several silly fools like these. In particular, this one. And now so have I.

Cape Clod

I always either do too much research or too little. All the New England fish that I like are ocean fish. A lot of grey, ugly fish in the "fresh" water around these parts. And then I find out that the two dopey imps prominent here don't actually exist. Hopefully I can keep that a secret.

Arrowneous victory
Perspective is not my friend. Though green was desired, I intentionally limited the amount of it because if I use it in all the places that would be green it just looks like I forgot red. Oh, my big problems!
This is supposed to have words in it. Somebody else was going to add them afterward, and so I left space for that. I don't know if it ever happened. So that's what this is about.

Digital Photouchgraphy

A somewhat minimalist piece made in recognition of the time Bridgeport Cat got in a fight with a toaster oven and it bit her left hand off. It was a while ago so I may have misremembered some details. This is not supposed to have words in it, and therefore is less incomplete in having none than the previous item. I'm not sure why the gift I made for her is so much cheaper than the gifts I made for other people, but she can handle it.

Tidal knave

Don't you know, this is a PRIVATE beach.
Dorkitechtural Enginerding

Every one of them should be fired immediately.
This was for the Yale New Haven Hospital Hope is Coming charity beneficial race. Ideally those inept workers injured enough people to make the hospital lots of money.

Theirs is a job with much security.

Air Force Dumb
It is estimated that The Government spends two trillion greemish meepmarks (to put that in perspective, it is approximately 320 billion krippendorfian megapesos) annually on sophisticated aircraft like these and we simply cannot afford to assign them such incompetent pilots. Do disregard the rumors that the firm Pineco was unjustly granted a no-bid contract to manufacture the planes and has used substandard building materials to cut its own costs.

a drop in stock poses

Stop whining! You ought to have known you couldn't do that! You should be grateful that bird didn't eat you. I know I'm not.

A long way from Squaresville

Some guy called Jelethorim asked me to make this. I hope he learned his lesson.


Drinkety Lemur reads many books and keeps informed on important national issues, and generally comes across as intelligent and knowledgeable of the ways of the world. I, by contrast, am a useless ignorant layabout who looks at wikehhhpedia sometimes, so I drewish Lemur's silly character doing something dumb as a means of temporarily distracting from my inability to actually engage him in conversation. I have no means of connecting with people who do not have stupid animal characters.

Flying Koach

A person known as Koshizu is reputed to be fond of aeroplanes and additionally to keep an imaginary humanoid lizard similar in appearance to this one, that is also fond of airplanes and is also named "Koshizu." For reasons no one may know, I made a picture of the creature. Obviously, the only things worse than smiling lizards are ones that look like they are proud of themselves.

Nobody saw it coming

Sometimes these things happen. *Jumbi understands that. Yet it could be so much worse.

Stack Dump
Frankenstein presents a not necessarily valentine season motivated greeting bouquet to The Interrupter despite them secretly being the same person.

I cannot justify making this, but I cannot deny it, either. (I also cannot find any video of Frankenstein) That's just the way it goes, sometimes.

Bouncy Castle Adventures

Cholesteronslaught or Diabetes on the Rise or not

Sometimes these things just happen. There is no sense in complaining now. All we can do is try to move on as best we know how.

And that's quite enough out of you!

2008 pictures
Oh, and this, too.
And this?
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