I admit these to be pretty good drawrings for a twelve-year-old human to have made, but I was at least six more than that.

Also, they are in forward chronological order, instead of the other one. It's really not that important. I don't know why you worry.

I wrote beside this: when one is drawn too much it must be punished. Although by this point on the page (datewise), both have appeared the same number of times, surely you realize that just existing is punishment enough for the lizardy thing. 3/18/02

This is one of those things that I only like now because I remember how much I liked it when I first thought of it. 04/02/02

Although there are certainly a few which you will never see here, I still must confess that this page's standards are lower in regards to colored pictures. 04/28/02

If I don't find out when some nerd makes a bumper sticker out of this concept it will only have been because one already has. 05/09/02

After “Recent Events,” New York thought it was ready for anything – until the Planetrons showed up.

My elder brother is probably the only person potentially to see this who will understand it, and even he won't think it's funny. That I am putting it here anyway is because I don't expect anyone to get past the vomit picture. 05/14/02

A rare Ybrik sighting (it is rare because I say it is). I decided at some point that "not permitted" signs with the diagonal line going like / should not be permitted, but couldn't think of a good way to convey this point. This picture proves it. 06/06/02

One of the last known instances of me illustrating the image of a person that doesn't only look "normal" while cross-eyed. 06/06/02

I can't remember what that bellow-looking thing on the desk or three of the poses are. Maybe it's a x ring binder of contents more indiscernable poses. 06/18/02

I initially forgot to give the red and yellow creature one of its ears. Now, a leg or a torseau I could understand, but a whole ear? Something must have distracted me, but what? 07/11/02

I found an eerie amount of pictures of actual people in giant hamster wheels when I went, before uploading this in 2005, to verify that the things don't have central support rods going through them in such a way that would make this picture scientifically inaccuarate. To those people, I say: This is not a recreational activity! It is a serious matter! 07/15/02

More from the "If I make the airplanes small enough, no one will realize I can't draw them!" department. 07/18/02

It's scary to think of how easily many car vehicle logos could become ninja weapons. 07/25/02

The message written here says so I was thinking: "you never see anyone wearing orange boots." That is the only reason I scanned this. I left the words in the picture so that you'd strain your eyes trying to read them for several minutes before giving up and seeing that I'd transcribed them. Ha ha, you. 07/30/02

I remember this day well. I was coked outta muh mind, nude, and had an NES controller in front of me. And then I imagined someone else doing this. 08/01/02

No one does. 08/19/02

This one also had words written near it, referring to the multitude of colored images which were too ugly to scan: Perhaps you are asking yourself if I have a color quota to fill. The answer may shock you. And that's why I'm not going to tell you. 08/20/02

Occasionally I will attempt to draw celebrity guests as they are being interviewed on talk shows. This was not one of those times. 08/23/02

The lizardy thing, unofficially known as "lope," is quite possibly the least loved of the repeating “characters,” but you can see there are reasons to keep it around, even if they exist in defiance to basic laws of physics 08/26/02

don't even try. That's just as likely to work as attempts to top the copper top. But more on that later. 8/28/02

Note the date, consider how long it takes to film and then edit most major motion pictures, and I think you'll agree that some siblings named Farrelly owe me a couple million dollars. 08/29/02

The real reason. 9/2/02

Eyyy. 09/05/02

Excuse me, are you an escape artist or just mentally insane? 9/6/02

Other people like to make a lot of burning CDs. However, when there's a problem, they become useless and unusable. Howeverer, these unusable ones are placed back into the stack they came from instead of being disposed of. When I finally went to make my own, there were about thirty discs, none of which were any good. With pickles, perhaps? 9/09/02

Rumor has it that I only made this as an excuse to practice drawring cat legs. 9/10/02

Yes, you just see how long you can keep that up there. 9/13/02

Seals are morons 9/13/02

So am I 9/13/02

anyone who "gets" this will think I'm an idiot. With that I shan't attempt to argue. Why would I? It was my statement, after all. 9/23/02

Sometimes it's the only way they'll learn. 9/25/02

During the unfortunate "umiliphus" period, I came into possession of an alarming amount of stupid Megaman related images. This was among the least alarming. I realize that I said the it was the amount which was alarming and that the images were instead stupid, but you can't be expecting me to remember things like that at my age. 9/26/02

Next Snikpel tried the medium sized dentures, but these were too loose. By the omission of "also" before "too loose," I gather that the previous dentures were too tight, and I now must unfortunately conclude that the next-smaller-sized dentures will also be too loose.9/27?/02

Or maybe the picture was just badly smudged. 9/29/02

i couldn't tell if the right one's fingers were intentionally deformed or if I just forgot to draw them, and I assumed that you'd assume I forgot to draw them, so I did. I assume you hold a great amount of influence around heeyah. 9/30/02

Probably not the best use of your time 10/05/02

what do I win if I answer correctly? 10/05/02

Sometimes these things happen. 10/09/02

I just laughed at this when I saw it. It's very possible that if I remembered why I made it I would have cried instead 10/09/02

Ey, wot? 10/16/02

It could be so much worse.