Art Class is for WHOOAHS.
As is W.

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A generic poorly rendered crowd scene, save for the neighborhood watch sign -esqe figure lurking in the background.6/28/02

I scanned this with the rest of them in 2002, didn't put it on the page, and didn't find it again until April 2005. Whether there was a reason or I just didn't remember, I did not remember until it was already too late.

The picture on the left isn't actually related to the one on the right, and wouldn't even be here if it didn't happen to just be there when I scanned the other one. So, anyway. “Oh, look at me! I have all of three poses and no personality! I watched the near-genocide of my species and all I can do is kneel down and laugh ironically!” 7/08ish/02

Certainly not one of the best pictures I have to choose from (not that you can tell looking at the rest of the korf here), but I think the presence of a giant floating three of unknown origin makes it significant. 7/03/02

That right there is some epic pointless stupidity. I blame pog. 6/28/02

This is one of the few pictures of these things in which one of them isn't being harmed in some way. Unfortunately for this page. 6/24/02

You should[n't] see the stuff I don't put here. 6/23/02

Stop dressing like a fruit! 6/17/02

It's more how proud of themselves people get after doing it that makes things like this annoying than anything else. 6/17/02

I found out later that's actually supposed to be a pen it's holding. 6/13/02

Those stories about the inner-city yufes playing stickball always baffle me. I can hardly even hit a ball with a tennis racket. A stick in place of that just sounds unfunlikeishly difficult. 6/06/02

No, thank you. 6/05/02

They didn't think they had anything in common, but they soon enough realized they shopped at the same stores. 5/30/02

Suddenly, I want a doughnut, and I don't even like doughnuts. Maybe I want to wear it as a bracelet or something. 5/30/02

No, I definitely want to eat that doughnut. What's wrong with me? 5/29/02

Ha ha ha. “Goat Hanger.” I'm retarded. 5/28/02

I don't see what makes eyes such ideal orifices to emit lazer beams from. 5/28/02


There's something seriously wrong with this picture. That's right, the blade is crooked. 5/14/02

The battle to determine the better object to hit people with: Steel chair or severed leg. 5/13/02

If I knew, what reason could I possibly have to keep it from you? 5/9/02

There's always room for it. 5/3/02

I can remember having a pretty good comment for this one when I scanned it, and I'll bet you can guess what I can't remember. 4/25/02

I used to hate people who played pianos like this, but now I just pity them. 4/18/02

Right. 4/10/02

I like bagel sandwiches, except when they have mayonnaise on them. Although the thing seen here is not named mayonnaise (as far as I know), I still don't like it much. 4/10/02

I once made a comment about special education students playing mad-libs. Well, you should see their April Fool jokes. Believe it or don't, this wasn't inspired by one of them. 4/01/02

I used to think Alzheimer's disease was called old-timer's disease, because old people got it. I of course have much more mature and sensible reasons for thinking it's called that now. 3/28/02

Gong banging is fairly uncontroversial in today's societies, but to do it with an old-timey lolly-pop, that's pretty bold. 3/22/02

Fat people have butter in their veins. Or at least this one does.3/11/02

Based on a true story. Note that I said "based on" and not "is." 3/7/02

If through some odd sequence of odd occurrences I were to end up with an eccentric mustache, I would want it to be that kind. 3/5/02

Some double dpi ice-skating thing bumping into a list of my shortcomings. 2/27/02

I used to make lots of pictures of people with axes through their heads. I still do. 2/6/02

Rabbits have internal organs, and pog does not. Note also that pog has no mouth, nose, or ears, and in fact lacks many characteristics possessed by rabbits. Thus, pog is not a rabbit. 2/3/02

Someone who I swear was not intended to resemble Steve Urkel quotes one of the few people I can think of that is more annoying. Please note that unintentional Steve Urkel is not pointing at pog. Pog is not a “he.” Pog is a “what.” 2/1/02

Alright, enough of that.

No one ever says this. 1/30/02

Babies are ugly. 1/28/02


That sounds about right. 1/21/02

As much as people who commonly greet others with “howdy” irritate me, I do not advocate stabbing them in their eyes with sharp-edged action figures. 1/20/02

If this doesn't sum up my entire internet presence, it at least describes this page. 1/14/02

Ehhh. 1/14/02

Yes. 1/11/02

Oooh. 1/4/02

If there is an explanation, I don't have it. 1/1/02

I like sinister. 12/25/01

If I'm not mistaken, that's the Q whose hole tied up traffic. 12/20/01

The answer may shock you. 12/4/01

I can't tell if that's going out or coming in. Or why it looks so cornily animayish, for that matter. 11/23

In the absence of the actual sound effect, it is advised that you shout this when appropriate while playing tennis. 11/7/01

Whatever that thing is, I'm sure it deserved this. 10/21

No, not quite. 8/6/01


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