Usually, I try to remove unrelated elements from the scannee which make the image look incomplete or unfinished. This time, it doesn't look like I did. 11/24/03

a new way of coloring being attempted heeyah. I'm not sure whether this is more or much more unsightly. 11/24/03

Most of my pictures actually don't have that smiling dope in them, but those usually just end up being the ones that amuse me most. I'm not yet sure whether to include this among them. 11/22/03

I suppose it doesn't really matter how much worse this looks, since I hate doing it. 11/12/03

It has been said that there's more than one use for a petrified rat. Just now. By me. But I don't personally believe that, no. 11/07/03

And again. 10/24/03

Oh! I'm not sure what inspired this picture, but I'm sure it was stupid.
Also, were you aware that clean lined, flatly colored, really big pngs occupy less disk space than dirty, wretched, blendily colored reduced fat jpegs, or did you just think I was a moron? You were probably right, but not on account of this. So har. 10/09/03

I just wanted to color the flames. I was less concerned with the rest of it. 8/13/03

The date, by the way, refers to when the initial picture was made, and not when my computer dealt with it. This knowledge will be useful never. 7/11/03

Next time you might not be so lucky. 6/28/03

Try again.6/25/03

this happened to me once. 6/06/03

Have you had enough
or haven't you?