I wonder what their problem is 12/27/02

A cause worth dying for 12/27/02

My attorney has advised me to inform you that the above comment should not be construed as to imply that the character depicted was in any way harmed.

I'm less concerned with why anyone would dig for that than why and from whom it was stolen in the first place. 12/27/02

why bother? 12/27/02

By all means, use your knife. You don't want to choke on one of those. 30

that fish has problems 31

your country's probably getting taken over if you got into the army. 12/31

insert unfunny Yiddish word non-joke here 10/25/02

I can't imagine why the company which made these went out of business. 10/25/02

It is always a shame to lose such talented people, but otherwise, we wouldn't even know of their skills. 10/28/02

No, I'm not one of those internet weirdos who pretends I think this sort of thing is realistic. For your information, I don't use a table or a desk, and my spine-protrusions are pink. Also, that lamp the stupid yellow monster is blocking does not exist. 10/30/02

Pterodactyls are great. 10/31/02

This explains a lot. 11/05/02

The famous Carnival Rowboat 11/06/02

That tie is overworked. 11/07/02

That cake trick is harder than it looks. 11/11/02

Excuse me, are you a World War I biplane pilot or just a generic anime character? 11/14/02

Oh, you hate to see that. 11/15/02

This is why we only hire experienced puppet handlers. 11/18/02

I frequently have to rid my eraser of accumulated dark-substance so that it doesn't permanently imprint that substance on the next thing I try to erase a part of, because the marks it leaves rarely can be made to resemble anything. 11/21/02

Arrrgh! I hate when they don't fit on the roll! 12/04/02

I'm glad I don't believe in mysticism. 12/05/02

The wheel must turn. 12/06/02

It is a well -I would go so far as to say quite over- documented fact that traditional Scotsmans do not wear any type of garment below their kilt-things, but few people are aware of the real reason. 12/06/02

Over the years, the green one (unofficially known as "elpse") somehow always ended up getting the worst of my weird attempts to draw exaggerated leg musculature. 12/13/02

in the year 2037 it will be fashionable not to sit or to stand, but to lean. Inspired by the design of modern scratching posts, objects intended solely to be leaned against will be constructed to accomodate the trend. Among the people who still wear clothing, "slanted" garments will also be popular, but only as a "retro" throwback to the original trend of the 2010s. 12/15/02

Often, the characters depicted represent qualities that I wish for myself to possess. In this example, i hope some day to have such an efficient mouth. And a nipplectomy. 12/23/02

I wish I could be so observant 12/25/02

Anything I say will only make you like it less. 12/26/02

"elpse's" previous forehead darkening reminded me too much of something that would remind someone else of "mickey mouse." At the time, I wasn't so concerned with what its "position" would remind you "of." 12/26/"02"

It's hard to believe this thing gave Spider-Man so much trouble. 12/27/02

Those who don't learn from past mix-ups are doomed to suffer remixes. 12/27/02

Don't answer that