Streptococcus Paiella is an online webcomic about friendship, gaming and social issue satire. Here are some of the wacky denizens of Streptococcus Paiella.

Elpz Cheltenham Robidoux
The main character of Streptococcus Paiella and coolest student at Crabgrass High (or so he thinks). He runs websites and makes comics and puts them on the internet. He is always ready to make friends or go on a misadventure. But first he wants his coffee, dammit!

Elpz's girfiend. She has hair, lips and boobs

Nemits Masterson
He is gay and has a crush on Elpz. Elpz doesn't know it yet (lol). He also seems to have a crush on other male characters. He dresses like a girl secretly.
Elpz is not gay.

Mortimer Barnaby Stapleton
Elpz's college roommate and partner in crime. He is the resident nerd at Streptococcus Paiella and a virgin. He can't seem to do anything right sometimes. He will probably commit suicide once this strip turns serious in a few years. He loooooooves bacon!

Tiji Piji
He is a foriegn exchange student from another country. He has a magic carpet and other powers, such as being the only person who can fix computers. If only he would stop hitting on Lopa!

Mr. Krumquat
Elpz's boss at the bowling alley. He is also sort of like a mentor to Elpz after he found out that Elpz was an orphan.

Pogs Dobson Junior
Pogs is Krumquat's assistant. They are also both gay. He is convinced ferrets are an evil conspiracy put together by David Hasselhof and Wilford Brimley. Pogs is probably the weirdest character in Streptococcus Paiella.

Candace Thudna Bocuts
Lopa's best friend. She is a lesbian nympho. She turned gay after she had an abortion. Also she is a goth and fat.

J Thomas Winklehollow
A scientist from the future who reveals Elpz's destiny to save mankind. He's really smart but sometimes he forgets to wear pants!

Trayco Dayglo
Ultimate evil mastermind OF EVIL! He hates Elpz for some reason even though Elpz is a college student who engages in trite webcomic endeavors. According to my fanart Trayco is the gayest being on the planet.

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