Lard Soup Is Yummy
Once more, in an attempt to not look like a deranged mutant who secretly wishes to immerse itself in the original product yet lacks the multilingual skills to do so, I have been quite unkind. You may find I have not been unkind enough. I swear this is shorter than the Spirou page(s). I can be cured.
11-10-2006 02-12-07
A wholly needless, perhaps, link to the second half.
I think the nipple could have been incorporated better.
Spirou V. Wade
We return to Belgium for, to date, I hope all dates, the greatest amount of trivial, inconsequential nonsense I've typed in one place about one video game. The game isn't any more wretched than usual, I've just become tiringly perceptive of the ways in which they can be wretched over the years. I need to start downloading ones that have less wrong with them.
a wholly needless, I expect, link to the second part
Yoikes!  Look at how big it is!
Roneldo's Autistic Censure
Tragic Fraggle Rock reject collects woodwind instruments in surprisingly earth-like space environments. This is yet another one of those [painfully long] pages that I can't tell if I'm laughing at because I wrote something funny or to hide the shame of having partaken of the subject for extended periods by my own free will. I can't tell, but I can certainly imply that it's the second one.
it only gets worse from here
Kirby, our enthusiasm
Unless you absolutely love me (and you don't), I strongly advise against reading this all at once. Although I worked on it as a whole, I present it in thirds to make viewing it more managable. It's just like The Lord of the Rings. Except... nope, just like The Lord of the Rings. Give me a billion dollars. I forgive you in advance for not forgiving me for this.
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I don't think that modification is going to make Tennis any easier
Dyne on A Mightily distasteful swordfish Head! whY?
In one of the stupidest titles with one of the stupidest titles of the 16-bit era, the gang at Treasure, fresh from abusing Ronald McDonald's jewels, look for some Head Action. And I want to kill them for putting me in a position to have typed that.
Anything relevant I write here will end badly.
Naming these things is hard
Goodwill ambassador to the world Ronald McDonald spreads happiness and joy in all places he visits. Hopefully my next page will contain less references to Axis Forces and/or Widget

Stop whining!
They killed the wrong Pac. In Time they will realize their error
Twice as long and half as good as any previous thing here.
A wholly needless, I expect, link to the second part.

And it makes sense, because this page about PAC is in TU parts!  Wow, I'm an idiot.
Air Boretress
You've heard about it, you've read about it, and now you can... read about it some more. You might call this page obsessive compulsion, I might call it dedication. I finish what I start, as long as it's a readily available emulated console game I can cheat through.
I used to make these things with legos.
Superfluous WIDGET
Neither French nor Belgian, but just as bad. Possibly worse. I ought to be locked up for taking as many screenshots from this game as I did.
Believe it or don't, what's down there is actually *less* scary.
Back! Back to the Forest I say!
Forest denizens are menaced by toads in another game made by frogs. Excuse me. That was mean and insensitive. The author is Belgian. They only sound French.
There is something seriously wrong with this picture, but you ought to expect that by now.
Tintin and the Prisoners of the Dumb [game]
It's a little known fact that following their embarassing surrender in World War II, France began exporting substandard and shoddish electronic merchandise to create the impression that their's was a country not worth conquering. It's unfortunate they didn't realize everyone thought that already.
I can hardly wait
Blue Skadoo, Bip Bop II
A waste of my time, and possibly yours as well. This being the shortest page, it's probably the best of any of them.
Circa 2001
Would you be this thing's friend?
Barney's Hide and Seek Slumber Party Jamboree
The original description for this page made reference not only to the gateway page it was once on but also there only being two other items listed with it. This description does not. Bonus: I don't actually know what "jamboree" means.
Circa 2000, but it's better now. Really.
Looks like Grimace finally had that surgery
Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven (as always)
The page that started an internet phenomenon in my mind. Warning! Contains sizzling hot lesdidian action.
Circa 2000
I'm glad snakes aren't ducks
Super Games Galore
That's what it says
hard to say
this is the only picture on that page