One mediocre day in 1995,  I found myself at the wholesale Price Club store. This in itself is insignifigant, as I would go there quite often.  But anyway, this time something caught my eye.  No, not thick black smoke from an overcooked free sample, but a seemingly innocent CD-ROM.  It wasn't even in proper packaging.  It was all alone in it's case, lying on one of those boxes that no one bothered to put away which always seem to turn up in those bulk stores.  "Super Games Galore," it was called.  "Over 1500 games."  This was too good to be true, especially at the 12.99 price tag it carried.  How naive I was, having only first acquired a computer several months earlier.  Take yourself back, if you will, to 1995. People thought television couldn't get any more offensive than Beavis and Butthead and pop music couldn't get any more annoying than New Kids on the Block. England's biggest embarrassment was still their royal family, and MAD was still a humor magazine.  How could I know any better?  Just look at it:
Noticely how nicely that big, unsightly, white block goes with the black background.
With that generic "Space Trek" font, and that bright yellow explody-thing, who could resist?  Not me.  I mean, it says SUPER, for rice cake!  How could I pass up something that was so... so SUPER?!  And just [pretend the image is big enough that you can] look at some of the classics advertised on it.  Body Blows, Shadows of Cairn, Solitaire Antics...  I ask you, have you ever heard a more appealing lineup?  Have you ever heard of those games? (as if I was really in a position to mock obscurity...)

Among the outdated shareware games I found on the disc were many obscure software companies in general and one obscure software company in particular.  This obscure software company was Moraffware.  However, I have twenty megabytes of webspace here and a serious lack of content, so I figured I'd attempt to finish some other pages I started a while ago, and put them here as well. And then... and then I just couldn't stop. It was like web page diarrhoea. Except less wet. Aren't you lucky.

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