2009 pictures
Oh, and this, too.
And this?

Oh, such silly pictures. From 2008 and thereabouts.

Mistake rink

None of them should have been invited.

This is one of the most annoying pictures I have ever made. It continued to annoy me after I finished it. And then some more after I finished it again.

Curious Skeme
This was quite annoying as well (though it was not well at all!). The fact that real snow annoys me may possibly be what compells me to depict it with methods that also annoy me.

a stupid place

What it means, no one is certain. We only know that it is not good.
Some people can make eyeglasses for you in an hour. Some people can develop your photographs. Some people can watch your Matlock. This is all I am qualified to do in the time frame.

Peer pressure
Ehh, Iíll pass. Isnít this the same way they got Ted Stevens? I know better than that. Nice try, lizard. And by nice I mean horrible. I own a magic dictionary.

The background is to distract you from how boring/lamentable the subject matter is. Ordinarily in a situation like this there would be a land mine about to be stepped on, a rogue incoming boomerang or something of that nature, but times are tough. And the tougher they are for me, the easier they are for loathsome lopes. I will have to settle for a fashion disaster.

Free Bird

This could be the most important decision you ever make.
I, personally, have a policy of never accepting waterfowl from persons who willingly wear red buckled boots. Conversely, when I am offered red and/or buckled boots by a duck, I generally turn down the offers.

Congratulations. You win a pine cone.

Scandalous display

Another attempt at eschewing outlines, this time without any smudgy zaniness. An improvement over the ones below here, at least technique-wise, but still creepy. Perhaps even creepier than I thought. Worse still, it was my main page header image for an irresponsibly long period. I shan't look for fear that it may still be there.

A familiar metal-working surface swears it is a balloon. Not everyone is convinced.

~Galaxieretter seems to know more about these two than I do. Yes, that's someone else's stupid art page. My acknowledgment of two of its occasional residents was unprovoked.

Let's get Pretentious

It appears to be a curious yet shockingly mundane fish-human hybrid. It is not performing any action of note.

This was supposed to be a more "serious" piece than what usually appears roundabout these parts, but in actuality it is still quite silly.

I tried a number of different color combinations and this was one of them.


I had no pictures of consequence at any presentable stages of production, so here were two (one and a half, really) which would have never accomplished anything separately. They are just like the planeteers. Except there's mercifully less of them. There was supposed to be a third but it couldn't get off work.

Also included is a high-ranking official's reaction to the second image. It is certainly a scandalous sight.

Living With a Disability

The fabled "third item" of the legendary diptych above here. Perhaps I'll be a real artist one day and stop putting comic dialogue baubles in every piece.

Domestic terrorists

A rogue mouse cursor/instant messenger icon battles or dances with a forgotten pre-Sims Will Wright pseudo-protagonist in a picture more interesting than the ones I put effort into.
You might be glad to know I had the decency to not call this Dancing with the mon-stars HA HA HAAAAA spelunking.

anti-vegan advocacy

One of the potential health risks a person takes with an all-vegetable diet.

An elder work restored from the sacred archives because I felt the message was important.

Night. Fight. We fight all night.

I was kidnapped by pro-robot lobbyists two weeks ago and forced to make this.

Wasted money

Attention scoundrel lobbyists: Nemitz cannot help your cause! Nemitz cannot pass your laws. Do not give money to the fool. Nemitz never went to school. Save your dollars. There is no hope. Nemitz would probably just give it to the dope.*

"nemitz" is the naked orange smiling idiot pictured here, in the event you were wondering. The only thing worse than nemitz being bribed is nemitz being adequately affluent to give bribes, regardless of the likelihood for this to bring about pro-nemitz policies.

I ran out of good ideas two years ago, but I have plenty of big distracting rainbow-vomity backgrounds left.



The amount of machinery may seem excessive, but this is a very important task. We can't afford any screwups in disposing of massive screwups.

Lope on a Rope

I know I've mentioned it before, but i cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper measurements.

...I don't have nearly enough RAM to be making pictures like this. If I insist on saving them.

The Loneliest Ice Cream Truck

I have come to the conclusion that this is quite stupid.

Magnificent Feast

Yellow Scarves... Someone must stop those butchers.

Slopes of lope

Hey, another snow picture. And it won't be the last, either. I prefer depicting it to dealing with it.

Proof of intelligent design

It is good to plan for the future.

Trouseral Mishap
I hate when this happens.

Also, I tried to color this in a program called "GIMP" and it just about made me cry. Great gimpity!

Fish Are Dumb

Well, they are. Or at least this has been my personal observation. Your results may differ.

There's always next year
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