Click on a picture to enlarge it. This didn't work before, and it won't work now, but you think you know everything, don't you.

For your information, this is not mouse-drawn. It is mouse traced. So har. 11/24/03

I used to live near a Burger King and it had a really tall huge spiral slide that you had to climb up a ladder and then some metal steps to get on to and for years I was afraid of it but then one day I tried it and it was the greatest slide I'd ever slid and then another day it had been replaced by a half-story plastic construction which I did not like so much and I wondered if the old slide had been considered dangerous and if it was it probably wasn't in this way. 11/18/03

Murder Karaoke, unfortunately, is still under intense development. 11/17/03

Somebody has to do it. 11/15/03

It's times like these I wish I had some sharp-edged action figures. 11/10/03

That sweatervest is from the Stuart Chandler collection. 11/08/03

Bruce Vilanch marks the spot! 11/05/03

I, for one, grow quite tired of seeing this physics demonstration not go awry. 11/04/03

This is considered polite after winning a joust, if your ears are big enough. 11/03/03

The "Evil Dentist" bit is quite overdone. It is a suitable punishment for mentioning itself.7 11/02/03

Make sure there's no one standing behind you! 10/30/03

I can't argue with you there. 10/29/03

I should explain: this is a reference to another picture I generated, in a book which as of now I cannot find. Anyway, this thing was drum playing with its ears and saying "I'm deaf!" and it now wishes you to know it is still deaf. 10/28/03

This is one of those things where I didn't take time until afterwards to decide if it made sense or not. It would take up space either way, and now here as well. I actually scanned this, didn't like it, retraced the lines on paper, rescanned it, forgot about that, retouched the first scan in paintshoppro and didn't even realize what I'd done until I went to check the date and the original picture had sharper outlines than the one here. 10/27/03

And... here it is again. I'm like a behind the scenes tour guide, except no one showed up for the tour, so I just approach random people and tell them things they don't want to know, because I have nowhere else to go.

Yes. 10/25/03

Oh, this will go well. 10/21/03

That fruit will never hurt anyone again.10/15/03

I hate algebra! 10/14/03

I will continue to harm this creature until it acknowledges that I am harming it. 10/11/03

I have yet to witness someone wearing that style of garment be interesting. 10/10/03

Doof. Ahhh, you've seen this one already. 10/07/03

Anything is potentially deadly in the hands of Ninja 9/30/03

Be nice. 9/15/03

So it is. 9/16/03

...couldn't eat another bite. 9/2/03

like to eat dirt! 9/04/03

(Bang. It's bang.) 9/02/03

Don't blame us! People never say which way they want it! 8/28/03

Don't do that! 8/28/03

People in cartoons yawn like this 8/26/03

This reminds me of the day I tested my double-click speed too many times. 8/12/03

This, however, I remember neither making nor scanning. Unfortunately, i did anyway. 8/5/03

Oh, jolly good. 7/28/03

This picture is very emotional. 7/19/03

I was thinking to meself recently that we really don't see enough scenes of people in wheelchairs getting punched It's not their fault; you can't expect them to ask. 6/30/03

We should all be glad NASA didn't accept filthy anthropomorphs into the space program back in 1968. 6/13/03

You probably can't tell from the stuff here, but a significant percentage of the images I generate depict or hint at the imminence of violent acts. 6/09/03

I'll get another end picture later. Or never.
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